About me


My name is Clinton- a young internet marketer who loves surfing the web for all the ways to make money online and build a passive income portfolio that will stand the test of time.

I started idlemarketer.com with one purpose – to provide honest and unbiased information about digital courses and all the tools which are meant to help people obtain the knowledge necessary to start a profitable online business.

Having purchased several online courses, I realize that so many do not give what they claim. Some even end up confusing you or offer endless upsells that provide little or no useful information.

I believe starting an online business (regardless of the model) is not rocket science and before a tool, course or software  is purchased, buyers have to be assured in some form that the contents meet their needs so that they don’t buy as a result of motivation/persuasion and end up wasting money (that they are trying to get).

I recognize that there are genuine courses and marketing tools out there and I want this website to be the final destination for usersto find products that meet their needs.